Thursday, January 15, 2009

Support Palestinians by boycotting Israel!

Everyone must do their part to show Palestinians that we care and that we do NOT support Israel's genocidal murder of hundreds in Gaza (many of whom are innocent women and children). At the time of this writing, 919 Palestinians have been killed by Israelis, including 284 children & 100 women, with 4260 additional injured. We in America MUST not support Israel in any way! We must pressure our politicians not to give Israel more weapons of mass destruction and to finally put an end to this horrible recurring cycle of violence by resolving the Palestinian question once and for all, by ceasing to give aid to Israel, monetary or otherwise. Other than writing our Ministers, Senators, Congressmen and America's newly-elected President, how can we really hurt a country that thinks it is invincible, especially if our politicians refuse to listen to us? Take away the money of course! How? By boycotting Israeli goods and services. In addition to the list below, we should also boycott Israeli fruit and vegetables (which are especially prevalent in Europe, the UK and Ireland). You could even ring your local shops/supermarkets and ask them if they will take Israeli goods off their shelves. No more Sara Lee pies! Aw shucks!

But this is no laughing matter...

Please help us pressure Israel to end its murderous campaign of genocide and show solidarity for the Palestinian people....
Remember that for every life and/or freedom that has been lost, your own has been degraded.

(And thank you, Siobhan for your information and suggestion that all forums be used to educate people of the horrible events)

Time Warner
Apax Partners & Co Ltd
Estée Lauder
Johnson & Johnson
Lewis Trust Group Ltd
Marks & Spencer
News Corporation
Sara Lee
The Limited Inc

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